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Land Administration

Land Administration Organization
Land administration constitutes the fundamental basis of the general administration of a nation. It thus has the significant functions of adapting to national reconstruction, economic development, social security and assurance of the overall interests and properties of the general public.

The Ministry of the Interior is the regulating authority for land administration at the central government level. Land registration is duly handled by local land offices. The local government concerning land administration for metropolises is Department of Land Affairs, and for county and city is Land Administration Bureau. Provided, however, that currently, the local land administration authorities have set up land branch offices within their jurisdictions to be exclusively charged with land registers, surveys and other activities related to land administration.

Cadastral management
Since the increase of social economic and land capitalization, land administration business increase sharply. The topic is that how to carry out cadastral management to save time and money and make the public to be confident of government policy. Ministry of Interior will execute more simple and convenient measures and establish cadastral management regulation to improve service for the public and increase administration efficiency.

1.To enhance management of cadastral dada base Cadastral information concerns with the public deeply, since it involves registry of obligee’s lands or constructions. In order to enhance the management of cadastral dada base, the reference for “ Principle for management of cadastral dada base in Local Land Office” has formulated by Ministry of Interior has issued in March 2000. It has been a reference for each city, county and Ministry of Interior to maintain cadastral management.

2.Establish the replacing methods for the certificate of seal when apply land registration When the public apply for land registration which is involve with land rights, if the registration obligor can not go to Local Land Office in person but authorize others to do application. In this situation, it shall be examined the certificate of seal issued by Household Registration Office. However, due to development of new technology and seals are easy to be faked and the regulation for seal registration has not been authorized lawfully, the certificate of seal will be lose efficacy in 2003. In order to deal with this new measure, there are some replacing methods for the business concerned land administration

(1) People apply land registration in the Local Land Office in Person with his ID card
(2) Authorize qualified Representative of land Registration
(3) Provable document such as Contract, commission, paction and a letter of consent which witnessed and notarization by Court or non-government circle
(4)Establish Land Registration Seal Card in Local Land Office in advance and use that seal to authorize other for application.

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