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Land Readjustment

  Farmland Readjustment is a comprehensive land reform scheme. It is also a fundamental task for agricultural modernization. It is an integrated measure which is aimed to improve farmland that is not efficiently used, to establish standard blocks, and to install agricultural water channels so that each block can be directly connected to road, irrigated, and draining. It is hoped to achieve the goal of increasing efficiency in operation by improving agricultural production environment, expanding farm scale, and providing convenient mechanic operation. Since its implementation in 1960,more than 43% of arable land has completed farmland readjustment in Taiwan. For the time being, we have been devoted to the implementation of entering 21 century Agricultural New Projects promulgated by the Executive Yuan. 7,200 hectares will be readjusted in the period from 2001 to 2004. In addition, improving plans will be designated for the completed readjusted districts and zones over the years (including those completed in the earlier stage), of which the agricultural water channels are old or damaged, for the important agricultural roads with the width over 4 meters, and those closely related to rural transportation and local basic construction with the hope to promote the agricultural modernization of Taiwan Province as early as possible.

  The Rural Community Land Readjustment is to have an integrated planning with land readjustment for the farmers' communities with messy development, bad living and residential quality for the past. Public facilities will be constructed; land exchange will be held; cadastral arrangement will be completed, and the authorities in charge will cooperate in assisting in the construction and remodeling of farmers' residence, the beautification of environment, plantation, promotion of mutual help and community development to complete and improve the living environment for those who live in rural communities and to promote the development of rural communities.
There are about 4,700 rural villages in Taiwan. They were short of planning, short of public facilities, and the environmental quality is bad, either.
In order to shorten the difference between urban and rural development, and to improve the living environment in rural communities. Starting from 1987, land readjustment was used to undertake the renewal of rural communities. The performance is really good. Starting from 2001 the land readjustment is expanded in cooperation with " Renewal of Planning and Construction for Rural Community " . Designated by the Central Government, with the hope to achieve the goal of “rich and beautiful rural communties” as early as possible, and to create a new aspect for the rural communities.
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