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Zone Expropriation

Zone expropriation is for the need of national economic policy, new community development, inhancement of social benefits, or for the need of specific target enterprise, is an integrated land development project by which the government compulsorily purchases all the land within an section or district for replanning and redevelopment. After the development, except for the land needed for public facilities which will be directly controlled and used by the government; part of the rest constructable land can be taken back by the original landowners, and the rest part is for the use of urban development so as to promote land utilization in that district, and to achieve the goal of sharing land profits. This, indeed, is an efficient scheme for promoting urban development. Until 2008, 78 districts, totaled 6,825 hectares, have been completed with the zone expropriation in Taiwan (include Kinmen). The results of the zone expropriation have made 3,105 hectares of land available for public facilities, and 3,720 hectares for building purposes, saving the construction expenses of NT$251,100,000,000 for the government.
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