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Land Administration Information

i. Popularization of the web version of the Computer Operating System for Land Registration, Land Resurveying, Land Value Assessment, and Land Use

  The amendment of the Rights In Rem Part of the Civil Code in March 2007, at the behest of the Ministry of Justice, involved the functions of the registration sub-system and the management sub-system. Therefore, relevant changes in the system functions were made in June 2008. This computer operating system will replace the NT version currently used in each land office for processing people’s land administration applications submitted to all of the land offices in Taiwan. As a result, this system significantly influences the security of real estate transactions among citizens, their property rights, and the quality of the public services. On August 11, 2008, a meeting was convened with the aim being to facilitate the transformation of the NT version land administration integration system into this online system, to better meet the practical needs of the public. The local governments in every municipality, city, and county were invited to join the discussion. After consulting with these local governments, it was decided that this system will first be promoted in Tainan County, Yilan County, Hsinchu City, and Kinmen County in Fujian Province. The hardware equipment, application software, and manpower needed to run this system will be provided by each local government. The promotional work for 2009 was commissioned to the Tainan County Government. The newest WEB version online system was released in may 2016,used in every land office in September 2014.

ii. Promotion of the information security management system (ISMS)
  To ensure safe land administration information management, security management has been implemented in the computer facilities at the Department of Land Administration, Ministry of the Interior, since 2004. The information security management system received the certificate of BS7799, the international standards for information security management systems (ISMS) in May 2005, and then BS7799-2: ISO27001: 2005 certificate in 2006. In 2007 and 2008 (March 25th and October 27th), the system successfully passed the mandatory follow-up assessments conducted by BSI, the original certifier, every half year, to ensure the continuity of validity of the certificates and various security mechanisms. Moreover, computerization of the procedures for document signing, control and filing established by the security mechanism, the generalization, analysis and statistics functions of table lists, works related to risk assessment, various ISMS table lists and standards, as well as the outsourcing project for e-management of the information security management system (ISMS), are ongoing smoothly. These works will continue to be promoted from 2009 to 2014.

iii. Enhancement of online public services
  The ministry has been promoting services such as: land data telex transmissions, Internet land administration information service, and electronic transcriptions. According to the statistics between January and December, 2014, 44.89 million buildings and 15.89 million data were inquired, and 38 million copies of electronic transcriptions were requested, indicating that the public services have been effectively enhanced.

iv.Implementation of the Instant Land Administration Service Plan
  This plan was formerly the “Land Administration E-net Follow-up Plan” approved by the Executive Yuan in November 2006, and was renamed the “Instant Land Administration Service Plan” after this plan became a sub-plan of the Citizens’ e-Housekeeper Plan, which is the 6th flagship plan of the “Ubiquitous Network Government Project”. This plan aims to reduce the amount of cadastral map transcriptions, and provides three key services: Internet application services, Internet land administration information service and the e-service for past land administration information. This plan will last for 4 years, from 2008 to 2011, and requires a total budget of $462.48 million. A budget of $77.28 million was granted in 2008, for the successful promotion and completion of various works throughout the first year. A budget of $129.02 million was granted in 2009 for continuing promotion of various works.

v.Trial run of the Multi-purpose 3D Cadastral Map Data Establishment Project
  From 2009 to 2015, a trial run of the project will be conducted in several municipalities, cities, and counties according to the preliminary demonstration procedures, in order to provide a reference for the official, comprehensive implementation of the project in the following years.

vi.Allocation for the Basic Land Database
  In 2009, $5 million was granted for expansion of the data storage facilities and relevant servers for the National Basic Land Database. An application mechanism called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was introduced to provide overall information sharing and release the map data produced, as standardized Internet services so that other agencies or units in need of map data may use the released land data via the Internet without having to copy or convert files. In this way, other agencies or units may build their own application systems to improve application efficiency. Furthermore, this year, a budget $3.2 million are granted for replacement of relevant server.
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