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Land Utilization

The land utilization in Taiwan area which depends on Regional Planning Law and related rules is divided into four different regions: East, South, North and Central. After the promulgation of Regional Planning Law, according to the regulation stated in Article 15, the special municipalities or county (city) government shall make non-urban land use division maps, shall designate all kinds of land, and to implement control after approved by the superior authority in charge according to the plan of non-urban use.

According to the rules of the "The Regulations for Non-urban Land Utilization Control ", the non-urban land which is divided into ten zones in Taiwan area, including of Special Agricultural Zones , General Agricultural Zones , Industrial Zones , Village Zones, Forest Zones , Slope Conservation Zones , Scenic Zones , National Park Zones , River Zones and Special Use Zones . Each zone is further classified into eighteen different land use types in accordance approved plan or the current use conditions , including of Grade A Construction Land , Grade B Construction Land , Grade C Construction Land , Grade D Construction Land , Cultivation or Raising Livestock Land , Forestry Land , Fishery Land , Salt Industry Land , Mining Industry Land, Kiln Land , Transportation and Communication Land , Water Conservancy Land , Recreation Land , Historical Preservation Land , Ecological Conservation Land, Protection and Security Land, Cemetery Land , Special Enterprise Land. Until December 31, 2010, the square measure of the land utilization assignment is 2,778,827 hectares; "Forest Zones” is the largest zone among of them ,and the square measure is 1,112,178 hectares, 40.03%; The secondly zone is "Slope Conservation Zones" area: 677,153 hectares, 24.36%.

Once the non-urban land classification has been set, the land should be managed in accordance with the rules of the "Non-urban Land Use Control Regulation". Also , the local town or city offices shall carry out inspections on land use at any time. Should there be any infraction of regulations, these should be immediately reported to the responsible county (city) government. So, it provides the preservation of land resources and the prevention of natural for the non-urban land.
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