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Real Estate Broking Management

  For the purpose of managing the real estate broking , keeping real estate trades in order, protecting the rights of the clients, and building up a sound development of the real estate market, the Republic of China government announced and put into effect the[Real Estate Broking Management] and [Land Administration Agents Law] in February 1999 and October 2001.

  Also to advance to implement business should joing local an industry a trade union,to establish to carry on business a fund according to security business involved person,to receive damage indemnification these benefit and practicable manage staffu to have to obtain a certificate to await work.

  Besides in order to look after both sides real estate to deal in both to attain broker benefit,Land Administration Of Ministry also consult Civil Law,Land Law,A consumer Protection Law,and Fair Trade Law and publish a rule agreement advance house commerce,completed house commerce,advance a parking space commerce,real estate to authorize sale,building to lease and building to authorize to lease to await a contract copy to contribute the public to compare.
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