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Latest News

► 107-10-17

MOI wins award for promoting integrated national land use monitoring

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) has won the Asia Geospatial Excellence Awards for promoting inter-departmental integration in national land use monitoring. Deputy Chief Cheng Tsai-tang (鄭彩堂) received the award on behalf of Ministry’s National Land Surveying and Mapping Center at 2017 GeoSmart Asia held in Malaysia on August 23. The outstanding achievement in utilizing satellite in land use monitoring in Taiwan and the data sharing among inter-departmental integration system earned international recognition.

The MOI noted that the GeoSmart Asia is a conference to showcase the performances of geospatial technologies of governments and institutions in Asia Pacific region. This year, the three-day conference was held in Putrajaya from August 22 to 24. With approximately 1,200 representatives from nearly 300 organizations in more than 25 countries participating in the event, the conference shows its expertise and accountability in the geospatial field. The winning of “The Integration Program of Land Use Monitoring,” which uses high resolution satellite images, shows that the efforts and achievement by the MOI have earned the recognition from the international communities. It also gives the insight to the world that the Taiwanese government is capable of utilizing geospatial technologies in national matters.

According to the MOI, the integration in national land use monitoring system allows authorities to compare satellite images obtained from different periods of time to find terrain features change and location of suspected illegal actions such as constructed buildings, illegal developments, illegal gravel mining, and waste disposal a. When the authorities receive change notifications, they could upload the related data to the online notification system to notify local governments and relevant authorities for ground/field investigations and carry out enforcement on illegal land use with limited manpower and resource.

In the past, data sharing among departments is difficult because monitoring, notification system, satellite images, and online notification system used by the MOI’s Construction and Planning Agency, the Council of Agriculture’s Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, and the MOI’s Economic Affairs’ Water Resource Agency were quite different. To solve this problem, the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center under the supervision of the MOI started to integrate national land use monitoring systems since 2014, increasing the frequency of national land use monitoring from once in three to four months to once in two months, especially in areas where violations were often occurred. In addition, the ground resolution of satellite image has also improved from 2-8 meters to 1.5-2.5 meters.

The MOI also pointed out that a total of 476 agencies have joined the monitoring network so far since it promoted the integration in national land use monitoring system, resulting an increase in the reporting rate of land use violations from 15.4% in 2013 to 18.5 % in 2014, 20.4 % in 2015, and 20.8 % in 2016. In the future, the Ministry will continue expanding the network and enhance national land use monitoring to its most effective level.
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