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On May 11, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) released the national housing price indexof the country and those of six other metropolises in the fourth quarter of 2019. The national housing price index was 104.14, an increase by 0.55% compared to that of the previous quarter. For the six metropolises, New Taipei City, Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taichung City, Tainan City and Kaohsiung City increased by 0.49%, 0.27%, 0.17%, 0.85%, 0.76%, and 0.91%, respectively. Overall, the national housing price index and those of the six metropolises in this quarter show no major changes, continuing to show a stable trend.

The Ministry of the Interior explained that in consideration to the limited number of repeatedly traded single house cases, the operations of the housing price indices released by the Ministry of the Interior involve the “quasi-repeated trading method.” Collective houses (buildings without elevators, apartments with elevators, residential buildings, suites) and single houses with more than two floors available in the current quarter are searched to find houses with approximately similar conditions. The automated valuation model (AVM) in this case is used to adjust the price differences among houses with different conditions to calculate housing price fluctuations at different times and serve as a reference for measuring housing market price changes.

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior further explained that the changes in the national housing price index and those of the six metropolitans were slight, within 1%. The quarterly fluctuation ratios of the cities have slowed down compared to the third quarter of 2019, maintaining a steady trend. For more details, visit the MOI’s real-estate information platform (website: to browse and search.
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